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UAE Property: ‘Can an agent demand a gift for negotiating rent?’

Posted by Jayanga on February 8, 2024

Many agencies operate in different ways. What is normal would be for the broker to get both the tenant and landlord together to arrange the collection of cheques (rent, deposit and commission) and to sign the contract

If this is not possible, the order of proceedings would be to get the tenant to sign first and then deposit the cheques with the broker. The broker would then give the cheques to the landlord once they have signed their part of the contract.

Handing over the rent cheques to the broker before getting the contract signed is not risky as long as they have confirmed receipt and all parties have agreed to how everything will be handled.

Different countries have varied ways of doing business, but as long as the paperwork, receipts and proceedings are adhered to, it can work in multiple ways.

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